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This release includes 8,136 new pages, or 33 new titles. It comprises works by:

Baum, Gregory (1923); Rosemary Radford Ruether (1936)
  • Faith and Fratricide, Wipf & Stock, 1974

Bloesch, Donald G. (1928)
  • Is the Bible Sexist?, Wipf & Stock, 1982

Ford, David F. (1948)
  • Christian Wisdom: Desiring God and Learning in Love, Cambridge University Press, 2007

Ford, David F. (1948); Frances M. Young (1939)
  • Meaning and Truth in 2 Corinthians, Wipf & Stock, 1987

Forster, Peter (1950); Colin E. Gunton (1941); Daniel W. Hardy (1930); John Barr; John C. Puddefoot; Thomas Forsyth Torrance (1913); Arthur Walter James (1912)
  • Belief in Science and in Christian Life, Wipf & Stock, 1980

Goldenberg, Judith Plaskow (1947); Joan Arnold Romero; Jane Dempsey Douglass (1933); Clara Maria Henning; Eleanor Commo McLaughlin; Judith Rebecca Hauptman (1943); Rosemary Radford Ruether (1936); Constance Fern Parvey (1920); Bernard P. Prusak; Phyllis Ann Bird (1934); Patricia Martin Doyle
  • Religion and Sexism: Images of Women in the Jewish and Christian Traditions, Wipf & Stock, 1974

Hauerwas, Stanley (1940)
  • Christian Existence Today, Wipf & Stock, 1988

Hick, John (1922)
  • Faith and Knowledge, Wipf & Stock, 1957

Hines, Mary E.; Declan Marmion; Karl Rahner (1904); Philip Endean; Nancy A. Dallavalle; Gaspar Martinez; Jeannine Hill Fletcher; Gesa Elsbeth Thiessen; Nicholas Adams; Michael Purcell; Peter C. Phan; Brian Linnane; Jerry T. Farmer; Richard Lennan; Roman A. Siebenrock; David Coffey; Daniel Donovan; Francis Schüssler Fiorenza; Stephen J. Duffy; Thomas Sheehan; Harvey D. Egan
  • Cambridge Companion to Karl Rahner, Cambridge University Press, 2005-07

Hollenweger, Walter Jacob (1927); David F. Ford (1948)
  • Barth and God's Story: Biblical Narrative and the Theological Method of Karl Barth in the Church Dogmatics, Wipf & Stock, 1981

Küng, Hans (1928)
  • Credo: The Apostles' Creed Explained for Today, Wipf & Stock, 1992

Neidhardt, W. Jim (1934); Thomas Forsyth Torrance (1913)
  • The Christian Frame of Mind, Wipf & Stock, 1985

Niebuhr, Reinhold (1892)
  • Does Civilization Need Religion?: A Study in the Social Resources and Limitations of Religion in Modern Life, Wipf & Stock, 1927
  • Pious and Secular America, Wipf & Stock, 1958

Pannenberg, Wolfhart (1928)
  • The Apostles Creed in Light of Today's Questions, Wipf & Stock, 1972

Quash, Ben (1968); Oliver Davies (1956); Maleiha Malik; Janet Martin Soskice (1951); John W. De Gruchy (1939); Nicholas Adams; Eamon Duffy (1947); Peter Ochs (1950); Julius J. Lipner (1946); Rowan Williams (1950); Gavin Dennis Flood (1954); Sarah Anne Coakley (1951); Denys Turner (1942); Michael J. Buckley (1931); David F. Ford (1948)
  • Fields of Faith: Theology and Religious Studies for the Twenty-First Century, Cambridge University Press, 2005

Richardson, Kurt Anders; Thomas Forsyth Torrance (1913)
  • Reality and Evangelical Theology, Wipf & Stock, 1981

Ruether, Rosemary Radford (1936)
  • To Change the World, Wipf & Stock, 1981
  • Women-Church: Theology and Practice of Feminist Liturgical Communities, Wipf & Stock, 1985

Thatamanil, John; Rachel Sophia Baard; Marc Boss; John Dourley; John F. Haught; Ronald H. Stone; Mark Lewis Taylor; Christian Danz; Russell Re Manning (1976); William Schweiker; Jean Richard; Erdmann Sturm; Mary Ann Stenger; Frederick J. Parrella; Anne Marie Reijnen; Martin Leiner; Oswald Bayer; Werner Schübler
  • Cambridge Companion to Paul Tillich, Cambridge University Press, 2009

Torrance, Thomas Forsyth (1913)
  • Christian Theology and Scientific Culture, Wipf & Stock, 1980
  • Conflict and Agreement in the Church, Wipf & Stock, 1959
  • Conflict and Agreement in the Church, Wipf & Stock, 1959
  • Kingdom and the Church, Wipf & Stock, 1956
  • Reality and Scientific Theology, Wipf & Stock, 1985
  • The Doctrine of Grace in the Apostolic Fathers, Wipf & Stock, 1948
  • The Doctrine of Jesus Christ: The Auburn Lectures, Wipf & Stock, 8/22/2001
  • Theology in Reconciliation, Wipf & Stock, 1975
  • Theology in Reconstruction, Wipf & Stock, 1965
  • Transformation and Convergence in the Frame of Knowledge, Wipf & Stock, 1982

Umansky, Ellen M.; Christa Ressmeyer Klein; Virginia Lieson Brereton; Dorothy C. Bass (1949); Mary Ewens; Donald W. Dayton; Lucille Sider Dayton (1946); Nancy Hardesty (1941); Barbara Brown Zikmund; Catherine F. Smith; Elaine C. Huber; Ruth P. Liebowitz; Elizabeth Schüssler Fiorenza (1939); Eleanor Commo McLaughlin; Rosemary Radford Ruether (1936); Norene Carter
  • Women of Spirit: Female Leadership in the Jewish and Christian Traditions, Wipf & Stock, 1978

Walgrave, J. H. ; Albert Houssiau; Daniel W. Hardy (1930); Alasdair I. C. Heron; George D. Dragas (1944); Methodios Fouyas (1925); Thomas Forsyth Torrance (1913)
  • The Incarnation, Wipf & Stock, 1981

Winter, Colin O'Brien (1928); Dorothee Salle (1929)
  • Choosing Life, Wipf & Stock, 1980